Health & Safety Policy

As Chief Executive Officer I have a commitment to produce a statement of policy on Health and safety at work within my company and, whilst the premises or sites used by employees may be the responsibility of clients/main contractors, the occupation of these premises and the activities carried out therein are my overall responsibility and the Company will co-operate fully at all levels to effect the carrying out of the policy. I hereby undertake, therefore, to:

  • Create and maintain such a working environment as will ensure the health and safety and welfare at work of every employee.
  • Avoid risks to the health and safety of persons not employed but who may be affected by the operation of the Company.
  • Actively promote an open attitude to Health and safety issues, encouraging staff to identify and report hazards so that we canal contribute to creating and maintaining a safe working environment.
In implementing this policy it is considered essential:
  • To observe the spirit and the letter of the principles and provisions incorporated in the relevant legislation to ensure that safe systems of work and a safe healthy environment exist in all locations
  • To provide sufficient resources to meet the requirements of current health and safety legislation and aim to achieve the standards of ‘Good Practice’ applicable to our activities
  • To maintain our premises and work equipment to a standard that ensures that risks are effectively managed
  • To ensure the collection of up-to-date information on the toxicity and potential hazards of all substances used by the company - this information will be available to those with a legitimate need for that information
  • To limit exposure to and, where necessary, monitor the use of substances hazardous to health as an ongoing priority. Particular care will be taken with substances new to the company and the risks will be assessed as required
  • To provide adequate training for our staff to enable them to work safely and effectively, and to ensure they are competent and confident in the work they carry out;
  • By construction and joint involvement of management and employees in accident prevention, to enlist the active interest, participation and support of employees in promoting good standards of safety and health at work
  • To carry out and regularly review risk assessments to identify hazards and existing control measures. We will prioritise, plan and complete any corrective actions required to reduce risk to an acceptable level
  • To ensure that responsibilities for health and safety are allocated, understood, monitored and fulfilled
  • To revise and update the policy when necessary
It is the duty of all of us when at work:
  • To take reasonable care of our own safety.
  • To take reasonable care of the safety of others who may be affected by what we do or fail to do.
  • To co-operate so that we can all comply with our legal duties.
  • To ensure we do not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.