Essential Maintenance

As North Sea assets continue to age, longevity and integrity become a priority for operators. The harsh operating conditions subject your vital equipment to erosion and corrosion, and prevention needs to be considered alongside routine maintenance and mechanical repairs. When budgets are under pressure, safety critical work has to come first. GCG Group can provide a fast and cost effective solution to safety critical asset upkeep. Our specialist, multi-skilled squad can be mobilised quickly to undertake one-off repairs and maintenance jobs.

We can prolong the life of ageing equipment such as gangways, pipes, vessels, storage tanks and flare booms by repairing mechanical damage, corrosion, erosion and general deterioration. With no ongoing contract or maintenance costs, you can keep tight control of your budget. We will work with your fabric maintenance team on the required job, then leave as soon as it is complete.

We use TSA for equipment which requires a long lifespan, or a standard epoxy system – our experts can advise on the most suitable coating for your individual situation. In some cases we can extend the useful life of an asset by over 20 years, with little or no maintenance required.