PPC 553

If you need protection for the whole lifetime of your vital equipment then PPC553 is the coating for you.

If you need your machinery to be consistently productive without stopping for maintenance then PPC553 is the coating for you.

If you need your assets back in use immediately after coating then PPC553 is for you.

Exclusive to GCG in the UK, PPC553 is an ultra long lasting, fast drying coating ideal for offshore assets, minimising downtime and maximising the longevity of your equipment. It protects against corrosion and degradation in harsh offshore conditions.

  • Lasts significantly longer than traditional coatings
  • Touch-dry in seconds
  • Downtime massively reduced
  • Maintenance-free for decades
  • Extreme low and high temperature application
  • VOC, CFC and solvent-free

Unique Advantages

GCG PPC553 is a spray-applied coating that protects topside and subsea equipment including structural steel, pipework, vessels, columns and valves.

    Touch Dry in Seconds

  • Speeds up the process and improves efficiency
  • Minimum downtime
  • Decreases the need for drying space

    Safe and Clean

  • Contains no VOCs, CFCs or Solvents
  • Does not crack, split or warp
  • Maintenance-free – easy to clean
  • Reduces sounds and vibrations
  • Can be applied directly to black steel, corroded steel or previously coated steel with minimal surface preparation

    Low and High Temperature Application

  • Application range from -5c to above 40c
  • Low temperature curing makes it possible to allow the application process to continue – even at temperatures below freezing
  • Protection for extreme conditions
  • Sprayed to any thickness

    Extensive Selection of Colours

  • Colours designed to meet all oil and gas specifications
  • Topcoats can be applied to match any BS, RAL or Pantone colour
To find out more about GCG’s exclusive coating, PPC553, and how it can defend the integrity of your assets, please contact us Talk To Us View Services